When the alarm clock rings, you hit the snooze button more than twice. Thinking about getting up, choosing an outfit and heading into work or dealing with your kids feels like an impossible amount of activity. You neglect your appearance, hygiene, health and relationships. Friends call or text and you just don’t care to interact with them. Things you used to spend time enjoying are now in piles around the house collecting dust. You sure as hell don’t clean.

You don’t feel like yourself. You sometimes don’t even feel real. You feel like a shell of who you used to be and can’t even visualize what “happiness” would feel like. The dialogue in your head is constantly belittling, invalidating and deflating. You feel worthless, useless, and purposeless. And you have no idea how to get out.

Therapy for you is about telling the truth about where you are. It’s doing the hard work of looking someone in the eye and sharing the ugly things you say to yourself. It’s about admitting that the joy and life that once made you you are now gone and far from you. In session we will look back on how you got where you are, and work together to find your unique path back to humanity. If your depression is severe, I can collaborate with your primary care physician to coordinate my therapeutic interventions with medications they deem appropriate and necessary.  You deserve a guide to help you out from under this cloud and return to the sunshine of contentment.


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