Everyday you fight. Sometimes the fights are big and dramatic and full of tears. But you can fight about nothing almost as well.  If anyone else had said what they just said it wouldn’t matter. But they said it and it drives you crazy. They never listen to you, and you don’t feel like they care about you, respect you or even like you anymore. Every once in a while you get glimpses of the person you met all that time ago and your heart fills with sadness that you aren’t in a relationship with the same person. You wonder what happened, where everything went wrong and if you can ever find happiness together again.

Every couple is unique. In a couples session with me, we will explore your unique patterns and processes to discover where the hold ups, snags and barriers lie. You feel trapped in the same cycle and keep having the same fight over and over with basically the same results. We’ll work together to find the exit ramp from that horrible loop. Along the way we will be working to rebuild trust, connection and intimacy in ways that that might just be stronger than the ones you reminisce about today.

I’m not your therapist, I’m not your partner’s therapist. I’m your relationship’s therapist. It deserves attention, support and guidance.


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