Lately you have been waking up in the middle of the night (if you have gotten to sleep at all) and immediately your mind scurries around inside of your head looking for something to obsess about. You’ve tried distracting your thoughts, talking yourself out of fears or calling out to a friend or loved one for help. It feels like you can never rest, and never find peace.

At first it started out as just a little bit of worry but lately it feels like a constant gripping fear that causes your hands to get sweaty and your heart to race. Maybe you have even rushed yourself to the doctor or the hospital because you were afraid for your heart. Regardless, you just can’t seem to get out of your head. You feel isolated, incapable, and exhausted.

Anxiety can feel like a poorly matched fight with no referees and no bells to signal the end of rounds. You never get to sit on that stool, you never get a breather, and there is no tapping out.

Therapy can help you make sense of the spaghetti in your head. We tease things apart and help you decipher what is real and necessary and what is not. Then we work together to strategize ways to lower the water line so you can breathe, regain footing, and start to live again.

If your anxiety is acute, I can work with your general practitioner to let them know what kind of interventions I am using so they can decide if medication would be a good fit to ease your pain.

You might feel your anxiety spike when you consider reaching out to me to help. That happens a lot. Acknowledge the feeling and call anyway. You deserve a guide on the journey to peace.


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