Help you’ll get from me:

As an individual:

You have talked to friends and family about your problems. They give you bad advice and you don’t take it because you know where they have been and hearing their opinions just makes you defensive (No offense, bestie.) Rest assured, you’ll get no advice from me. The truth is, the answers are already buried inside of you. They are buried under years of garbage that has accumulated from other people, trauma, bad relationships and countless other things. Therapy is basically dumping out the garbage you carry and sifting through it with someone who understands and doesn’t judge how much you have been carrying. From the pile we’ll pull out the truth, clean it off and rebuild life as it should be.

As a couple:

If you’re in a relationship and you’re fighting a lot, completely misunderstanding each other and damaging each other with emotional jabs, you’re in the right place. Couples can expect to do hard, vulnerable work that causes a lot of emotion, and inspires tough talks. Sounds inviting doesn’t it? After we get over the hard parts you’ll notice new things growing like intimacy, support, and affection. I consider myself the therapist to your relationship. I work hard to speak up for it, its needs, and what it’s missing. Couples can expect several weeks of exploring their history and patterns while imagining and creating a better, more peaceful future.

As a whole family:

Your house is a circus. You want to throw your hands up and yell “Not my monkeys, not my problems!” Unfortunately they are your monkeys and there are huge problems. Kids are behaving in bizarre ways, everyone is fighting and you don’t know how to get it all under control. You’re afraid that you’re doing everything wrong and that’s why it’s coming unraveled. In family therapy with me, you’ll bring all the monkeys in. We’ll look at your family and the unique ways that they have been functioning (or dysfunctioning) and we’ll put you all back on the same path, or boat, or ship, or page (or which ever analogy works for your family).


All the ways I’m qualified to help you:

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Southern Wesleyan University and a Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy that I earned from Converse College. I have an associate’s license to practice Marriage and Family therapy in the state of South Carolina. I am a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Some other stuff you will eventually figure out so I might as well tell you now:

I like to make therapy an enjoyable experience, but, you might still cry or get mad at me. I am ok with this. Additionally, I believe deeply in the power of laughter and am not afraid to use it. To quote the great Dolly Parton’s character Truvy from Steel Magnolias, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” I also love Dolly, Betty White and Wonder Woman more than anyone probably should. 🙂


You might now be wondering, How much will all this cost me?

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For Blog Readers:

As someone who listens for a living, I occasionally hear and see patterns in the way people think. Sometimes that turns into a helpful observation. Sometimes it turns out to be bullshit. Hopefully I can limit this site to being about the former. Please be advised, this site is meant to provoke mindfulness about the way we think and live. It is not meant to offer medical or professional advice to your particular situation. If you or someone you love suffers from a mental health disorder, or fears that they might, please seek individualized services under the care and supervision of a licensed professional. The internet is no substitute for responsible mental healthcare.

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