Your Mommy Moment

In honor of Mother’s day just around the corner, I wanted to give my Mommy readers a special gift. I hope you’ll read ahead and actively participate when you find the time in the near future. You nurture so many other people, I’d like to remind you to nurture YOU.

You have just crumbled in a heap onto the couch. Your eyes start to fall shut and in your spirit you hear the whisper inviting you “sleep when they sleep.” Your heart smiles at the thought of a nap but your eyes are snapped open by the sound of the laundry machine alerting you that it is finished. You look around at the house in front of you. You have such a nice home. It’s somewhere under all the mess of the day. In minutes you feel your heart-rate start to pick up as the to-do list in your mind builds. You attempt to start your motivational self-lecture.


Wait,…just for a second. Sit with me and give yourself a Mommy Moment.


First, sit up on the edge of the couch with your feet flat on the floor. Straighten your back so you can breathe well but not so straight that it hurts at all. Position your hands on your thighs face up, palms open. Breathe in deeply, as deeply as you can. Notice your body sinking into the cushions beneath you. Feel your arms and legs grow heavy. Breathe deep. Breathe as many times as you need in order to feel peace start to creep in around you. Notice the sounds in the room, or the echo of silence that so rarely surrounds you. Breathe deeply again. Imagine yourself in a beautiful space, your favorite place. Soak in the images, smells and sounds of that place. When you are deeply comfortable, remind yourself of this truth either out loud or in your mind: “I am enough.” Repeat the phrase until you feel it lodge deeply in your heart. Allow whatever response your spirit needs: smile, cry, yawn or laugh. At the end of this paragraph allow your eyes to close and continue to breathe deeply. This is your moment. Enjoy it as long as it is yours.



If sitting in the stillness is hard for you, or the act of being quiet brings up fear, doubt, or something from the past, consider calling me to find out if you might need a few sessions of therapy. Not everyone does, but those who do often find tremendous release, assurance and feel securely on their unique path. Consider nurturing yourself today.

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