New Years Resolutions: With a Twist

Welcome to December! In the upcoming weeks you might start thinking about that big wonderful yearly ritual of setting a new year’s resolution. Some of us have abandoned that ship and vowed to never make them again because what is the point!? We never keep them anyway!!

On one of Oprah’s recent podcasts, Elizabeth Gilbert says she likes to go for a hike at dawn on New years day and the first animal she sees she claims as her spirit animal of the year. I thought that was a really cool idea. My luck though, I’d probably not see a dang thing. (I tend to stomp)

The idea that really struck me (and motivated me to run over here and tell you) is one that came from an 18 year old client. He said he was giving resolution control to his girlfriend. She was going to come up with a change he needed to make in 2018. I have literally no idea what his girlfriend is going to come up with for him to do, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how that might change the whole resolution game for all of us.

Imagine if you asked someone close to you (who cares about you and also isn’t an asshole) what they would make you do more of or less of in the new year. I really wonder what they would say.

I bet they would be a lot nicer to us than we are. I bet mine would say:


Be kinder to yourself.

Spend more time with us.

Schedule regular medical appointments to take care of you.

Take a break from being so busy.


The thing is, if you put that authority in someone else’s hands you might gain some perspective on your life that you didn’t know you needed.

( Disclaimer: As with any activity involving the potential chaos of another person’s opinion, keep in mind that its important to protect your own well being from critical, absent minded or thoughtless others. Ask someone you know will take it seriously and be gentle. If there is no one in your life who fits that role, considering calling a therapist. If you live in the Aiken, SC area you can click on contact and reach out to Jennifer herself.)


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