Professor Pain

We all have a favorite teacher. I have several. My favorites were always those that I felt especially connected to for whatever reason. It seemed like the more I cared about them and felt they cared about me the better I did, the more engaged I was. I had always reasoned that teachers who were nicest and most caring were helping me learn best.

This is not actually the case.

There are other teachers, teachers and coaches with whom I had a love/hate relationship. GAH, they were so ANNOYING. Always pushing and sending work back, making me run a lap again, giving me bad grades or demanding that I do better. BLAH!!! This is STUPID!! It’s just a PAPER!! I HATE THIS!

It is with reluctant honesty that I now finally admit that I grew more under the teachers I loved to hate instead of the teachers that I just plain loved.

At the beginning of life, we see teacher as a person in front of a class. As we graduate school and move on into “regular life” the term teacher gets wider and bigger to include some rando on a train during our commute to work or a persistent life problem that we cannot shake. Just like in school, the teachers and professors we love to hate persist. The ones that help us grow the most are the ones who will not let us go no matter how belligerent we get. Those persistent professors are a pain in our ass.


Wait, let me re-arrange that…

“Our ass in pain is a persistent professor.”


A good teacher won’t let us go until we learn. A good coach won’t let us quit until we master the skill. What is the persistent pain in your life trying to teach you? Have you learned the lesson yet?



If you have an area of persistent pain in your life and you could use some help learning the lesson, please reach out to therapy resources in your area. If you live in or near the Aiken, SC area, check the contact page to schedule a session with Jennifer.

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